SQL PASS GDL Conference: “SQL Server: From Darkness To Light”

It’s been some time since my last blog post, I had an emergency surgery starting September and guess my mind was not thinking in the blog. Fortunately everything went out Ok and I’m back to office and blogging. I’m a new blogger so I don’t want to get cold on this project and forget about it.

Yesterday, I had the chance, for the first time, to be a SQL PASS speaker, I live in Guadalajara, Mexico and some SQL DBAs started SQL PASS GDL local chapter. When I found out, I joined as fast as I could. This is a great opportunity to begin a local SQL Server Community just like the other hundreds around the world and hopefully in some time, months, maybe years, we may be able to have our first SQL Saturday. I’ll help this community in everything I can.

As I was saying, after attending several past conferences I was invited to speak and I accepted. The most difficult thing was to choose a topic, I wanted my first conference to be something that the audience could start using the next day in their companies, and in order to accomplish that I just remember the “old me”, that junior employee that was part of an on-call rotation getting calls almost every night until some kind of miracle happen and block/slow queries disappear. Long nights barely sleeping trying to fix the world with my lack of knowledge and sp_who.

Years gone by and now I don’t want other DBAs to learn the way I did, under a lot of pressure and stress. After I decided to get serious about SQL Server I bought books and online training, started reading a lot of articles and follow the authors and theirs blogs, studied for certification exams, I even failed my first attempt. So, I thought on all this and I made my first conference based on that, put together some tips and demos that people could start using immediately and that will have a big impact on their jobs and therefore their life. Less stress, more room for happiness, right?

So, if you attended my session yesterday, thank you! Hope these tips work for you as they have worked for me. As I told you during the presentation here’s the link to get PPT files and the queries I used on the Demos.

Warning: It’s a dropbox link, so just be careful if your company does not allow to download files from a dropbox link.

And remember if you have any questions about the presentation or the demos, let me know.

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Happy SQL!


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